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Jürgen Mayrbäurl, Microsoft:

"In COPA-DATA we see a highly innovative partner at our side, who is creating a strong bridge between Microsoft Azure and industrial automation as well as digitalization. This offers great opportunities such as intelligent improvement of production processes.”

Microsoft Partner of the Year

In 2016, COPA-DATA was awarded with two of the sought-after Microsoft Partner of the Year awards. We are winners in the worldwide “Public Sector: Microsoft CityNext” category and have also reached first place as founding member of the isv4industry software alliance in the category “Country Partner of the Year” in Austria.

Партнерская Сеть Microsoft

COPA-DATA has been an active member of the Microsoft Partner Network since 2005. With access to the latest technologies, this membership highly contributes to the quality and innovative capacity of our own products and services.

This strategic partnership continuously generates joint success stories and covers different disciplines around the world, including the Microsoft Go-To-Market services.

Промышленный Интернет Вещей (IIoT) с zenon

With the seamless integration of zenon into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, COPA-DATA offers a complete end-to-end IoT solution for both private businesses (Industry 4.0) and public institutions (Smart Cities). By providing data from individual sites in just one system in real-time, optimizations in operation efficiency and resource consumption as well as the development of new services and business models can be achieved.

Smart Factory




Microsoft CityNext для Умных Городов

Since February 2014, COPA-DATA has been an official and worldwide member of the CityNext initiative by Microsoft. CityNext is a global initiative empowering cities, businesses and citizens to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities. As part of this initiative, COPA-DATA offers its innovative Smart City solutions focusing on the areas of energy, water, public transportation and smart buildings.

Массивы Данных (Big Data) с Microsoft StorSimple

When collecting data from plants or public organizations, there are quantities of data that need to be archived on a daily basis. The combination of zenon and Microsoft's cloud-integrated StorSimple storage (CiS) becomes an ergonomic Big Data Solution for organizations of all types. It makes it possible to have a ver cost-effective storage solution for large amounts of data. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can thus be reduced by 40-60%.

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