zenon Pharma Edition

With zenon Pharma Edition, you go for efficient engineering and cost-effective validation while meeting all the international regulations.

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Efficient engineering and cost-effective validation

zenon Pharma Edition is the industry-specific automation solution that not only addresses all the regulations of the Pharma industry but also enables the efficient operation of production facilities.

zenon в Фармацевтике




HMI/SCADA – easy integration, reliable documentation

Thanks to more than 300 communication protocols, zenon can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Other features include:


  • Batch Control
  • Trending and Analysis
  • SQL
  • Recipe management
  • zenon Logic, the IEC 61131-3 based PLC-System


zenon enables a safe production that meets all international standards.

Validation according to international standards

GAMP software category 4 configured projects are easily administered with high end functionality. zenon was developed based on GAMP software category 4 (configured projects) and includes integrated, easy-to-configure functions, as for e.g.:


  • Audit Trail
  • User administration
  • Alarm management
  • Electronic records and electronic signatures


Industry-specific project documentation and project comparison

tools generate validation evidence automatically, providing an ideal framework for regulated process environments.



Find out more about zenon for Pharma contacting our Industry Manager Robert Harrison.

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