Безопасность в zenon

Безопасность в zenon

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zenon provides comprehensive protection from unwanted data loss and from unauthorized access. With the integrated security options, you can integrate zenon into your existing security set-up without additional costs. At COPA-DATA the many years of experience, continued internal and external research projects and in-house development at the headquarters guarantee for worldwide leading HMI/SCADA security.

Безопасность в zenon


Информационный листок


Функции безопасности


zenon offers a comprehensive security package, which is impressive due to the consistency of the numerous features included:


  • File signature: zenon recognizes manipulated program files.
  • Strong encryption: 128 bit communication encryption between server, standby server and clients in the network and in the communication with web clients.
  • Authentication: Only authenticated clients gain access to a zenon server.
  • http-tunneling for web server. Web client plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari - in addition to Internet Explorer.
  • IPv6 support in the zenon core system. zenon redundancy and tools support IPv6 capable networks.
  • OPC-UA: Client and server supported certificates and user authentication.
  • Status processing
  • Versioning and status handling for recipes
  • FDA per mouse click (already in use in FDA relevant environments)
  • Automatic synchronization of files in the network with „click-and-forget“ technology
  • Interruption-free redundancy
  • User Administration: full support for Active Directory
  • Password protection in zenon Runtime and Editor
  • Safe compatibility between the individual versions
  • Change history and backup in the zenon Editor
  • Project versioning and comparison
  • Error avoidance through working with wizards
  • zenon Diagnosis Server diagnoses errors in the network and in control communication
  • Consistent object-orientation
  • Integrated solution
  • Password protection in zenon Runtime and Editor
  • and much more

Администрирование пользователей и соблюдение FDA

zenon user administration is set up to meet the requirements of the FDA precisely. Parameters can be set, not only in the zenon Editor, but also in zenon Runtime. Changes to Runtime can be read back into the Editor at any time, in order to save the same data there.

Администрирование пользователей Windows

Windows user administration can also be used if desired. The users are created in Active Directory and receive their corresponding zenon user rights there. Subsequently, only the login for the respective Windows user is available in zenon. It is also possible to have mixed operation of both user administrations. This means zenon can still be operated even if the domain controller should fail.


Windows: zenon is certified for Windows Vista or Windows 7. This enables the complete acceptance and use of the security features of Windows.


OPC UA: certified OPC UA server

KEMA: certified IEC 61850 driver

SAP: certified bidirectional interface for SAP ERP

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